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Keeping it Real

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

This is my first blog post... ever! So, it's going to be a journey for me, and hopefully for you too. I'm not going to profess to being an expert, because quite frankly, what makes someone an expert? A certificate of education? I have plenty of those. 20+ books under their belt. That certainly proves that an author has experience. But there are some fantastic authors out there who either haven't been lucky enough to find the right publisher yet, or plucked up the courage to self-publish. Because this whole path-to-publication thing is a daunting process!

What I will do is keep it real. If something has worked for me, I'll say it has worked for me. I won't promise it will work for the rest of you, because obviously it won't. I'm me, and you're you. If I've read a book that has changed my life, I'll shout about it. It happens! If I've written something I'm proud of, I'll share it with you a little more quietly, because even though I want you to read my work, SELLING myself still doesn't come naturally to me. I figure that if I write a story I'm passionate about, other people will be passionate about it too.

Maybe my next blog post will be about overcoming self-doubt and learning to get myself out there when I'd rather be at home writing with my dog.

So, thanks for taking the time to visit. And hopefully see you again soon. Denise x

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